Sunday, 3 May 2009

My Walking Meditation as a Modern Way to a Healthier Life

My Walking Meditation as a Modern Way to a Healthier Life

Meditation has always been associated with solitude, tranquility, and physical inactivity. When one talks of meditation, you may usually come up with a scenario in which a person finds a secluded area, closes his eyes in silence, and rests his body while working his mind out. Does meditation always have to be like this?

Meditation is an art. A method. A skill. A process.

It is the art of keeping in touch with yourself, of discovering your entirety and the many facets of your being. It is also a skill that must be developed.

It requires discipline and right mindset.

You cannot simply think that you will meditate and expect to achieve a result right after.

This requires the tuning of one's consciousness. Meditation typically involves a set of procedures and guidelines to be followed.

Typically, the success of the activity will depend on the adherence to the given principles and rules.

One interesting form of meditation that deviates from the old and traditional concept is walking meditation. Walking meditation is a lot different from other forms of meditation known to many. For one, you will not have to be physically inactive just to do it. In fact, you need to move and be active - you need to walk! You have to actively engage your mind and your body in this activity in order to experience a holistic positive result.

This brings another benefit. Since walking is a daily activity, you can actually grow by meditation everyday!

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